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       Longkou Zhongyu Group reduced its carbon footprint by using green energy, eliminating hazardous waste, recycling oil, cleaning waste water and separating waste streams to minimize landfill and converting to re-usable packaging. All Zhongyu Group’s manufacturing facilities are certified to the ISO 14001 environmental management standard or are working towards it. Environmental metrics such as electricity consumption, recyclable materials and wood and paper are monitored and reported on at regular management reviews.

      Advanced heat management system can make temperature of water box, intercooler, and condenser always being kept at an ideal value. It can also improve engine power, and make the engine get the most out of its heat efficiency. At the same time of saving energy, it reduces exhaust emission and prolongs the engine’s life.

      JFZ Hyperbolic Alternator is the electric equipment which applies microelectronics and power electronic technology to superimpose,combine and link up the interior voltage source or the current supply of the double direct current into double current when the alternator is running. The conductibility interference of electrical transients in circuit system and the radiant infesting for the ambience caused by the electromagnetic wave are decontaminated, which improve the direct current supplying quality obviously.

      By collaborating with leading engine, commercial vehicle and industrial vehicle manufacturers, we strive to develop products that make positive contributions toward reducing vehicle emissions without sacrificing vehicle performance. Examples include variable flow technology, hydraulic fan drives and heat management technology. Variable flow technology for both oil and water pumps on diesel engines yields up to 3% improvement witha potential of 5%, in fuel efficiency.

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